Heart of Domesticity; Heart of Escape

Some (rather envious) reflections on the world of Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows. Growing up with an expasive library, and parents who faithfully read to me, makes for moments deep nostalgia today as I get to reread the pieces of children's literature that shaped my early imagination. But, no child can read everything worth reading - and … Continue reading Heart of Domesticity; Heart of Escape

The Dawn of Hope

Hope rests in autumn’s dying leaves in winter’s naked trees and the whispers of spring.  Hope is formed in the peacelessness of death  when horror plunders breath - in the unrest it brings.  Hope is found  in the weakness of man’s heart, in his toils, rent apart his pleas for reckoning.  Hope was born in … Continue reading The Dawn of Hope


The season of Lent is unsettling. There is so very little I understand about the Mystery of the Incarnation. I have become much more comfortable of late in the pages of the Old Testament - the great God who meets with man on a mountaintop enshrouded in cloud makes much more sense to me than a … Continue reading Agony

Us Lions

There is a creature in C.S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe who has been humbling and teaching me this Lent. He is a simple creature, long overlooked in my many years of reading and rereading this dearest of old stories. He begins the tale as a stone lion, sleeping the enchanted death-sleep of … Continue reading Us Lions